Fall Festival

Trunk or treat

Sunday, October 12, 2014, 12 pm - 4pm
140 Log Cabin Road, East Brunswick
Log Cabin and Alumni Pavilion


Children's Activities Children's Activities Pumpkin Ring Toss
nutrition childrens program Ring Toss
Children's Activities Pumpkin Painting Pumpkin Bowling
kids programs pumpkin bowling


Children's Programs educational activities include:


Test your knowledge about plants and seeds from around the Gardens. Do you know what grows from an acorn or which plants can be found in moist woodlands?

Learn about one of our favorite autumn crops and how it grows and a sampling of recipes.

Use your senses to explore the natural world around you. Exploration is not just seeing. Challenge your other senses too.

Make a craft that uses natural materials from the garden or create a journal to use when you explore the Gardens or your own neighborhood.

NJ audubon

Visit the New Jersey Audubon table to learn ways you can help the natural habitat around your home. Make a bird feeder to bring home with you.


Other day-long activities include

  • Apple Tasting - taste a variety of Apples before you purchase your favorite.
  • Pumpkin Painting - Painting pumpkins is fun for Kids of all ages (additional fee per pumpkin).
  • Pumpkin Games - Try your hand at "Pumpkin Bowling", "Pumpkin Ring Toss", and "Pumpkin Penny Pitch". Everyone gets a prize!
  • Fall is for Planting - Shop for your Mums, spring bulbs, and flowering plants.
  • Carmine's Pizza Factory will be here.
  • Weekly Farm Market - Come out and shop local with some of our weekly Farm Market vendors.


Entrance fee is $10.00 per car, $15 for passenger vans or short buses. This is one of only 2 days a year that there is an entrance fee to come in to the Gardens. Rutgers Gardens is self-supporting and it is events such as this that help to pay for the care and maintenance of the grounds. If you do not wish to attend the festival, please feel free to come back on one of the other 363 days when the Gardens is open.