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2015 Summer Internship Program:
Combining classroom time with hands on experience!


Meet our 2014 Interns

This internship program provides the student with a firm understanding of how a public garden or park serves the community while also providing both basic and advanced techniques in horticulture.  During this 14 week program , students have the option of participating in the general program on Public Garden Management or the Plant Breeding program.  Both are paid internship at Rutgers Gardens, allowing the student to experience hands-on learning at a public garden.   For both internships, the summer’s experience is reinforced with a 3 credit course on Public Garden Management and with numerous trips to public gardens/parks throughout the NY and Philadelphia area.  The general program in Public Garden Management is available for up to 12 Students.

Second Year Option
During the following summer, the students have an option of applying for an internship experience at a Public Garden or park outside of Rutgers Gardens.  During the first summer, the students will have been exposed to or visited many of the Parks and Public Gardens that are available for internship including Central Park. The goal is to expose students to the complexities of issues facing a Public Park or Gardens and how these public facilities manage these issues in order to meet the goals of their mission statement





Public Garden Management Internship (11:550:240)

The Public Garden Management students will intern at Rutgers Gardens 5 days a week, with occasional weekend rotations.  In addition to various field trips to public and private gardens, the internship will include:

  • Zone Gardening
  • Shrub and Tree Care
  • Basic Turf Care
  • Basic Care of Perennials, Annuals, Vegetables and Ornamental Grasses
  • Woodland Maintenance

Plant Breeding Internship (11:550:240)

The second option for the first summer is the Plant Breeding Internship, which is available for up to 3 students.  For two days per week, this program provides the students with a focus upon plant breeding and plant evaluation, with the balance of the week spent participating in the traditional program. As part of this program, the students will conduct, study and evaluate the processes that go into developing “new” ornamental plants for the nursery industry.

Summer Internship Program at Central Park

For the summer of 2015, students will have the option of participating in a 4 day/week internship with the Central Park Conservancy. This program provides a summer internship for up to 10 Rutgers Students. The Internship provides students with the opportunity to work side-by-side with Conservancy staff, building important life and career skills, better understanding the role they have in protecting living landscapes, and learning more about the complexity of urban park management in a park that receives over 40 million visits a year.


Intern Plant Breeding Central Park
Succulent Garden
Plant Breeding
Central Park


Children's Program Internship

Children's Programs

The Children’s Programs Internship, now in its 6th year, is an opportunity for students to teach younger children about plants, food, healthy living and environmental issues. Students from a variety of academic disciplines can benefit from this opportunity, by using their classroom learning to enhance our programming and by broadening their own knowledge of different disciplines through hands-on exploration. The focus of our children’s program is on Ecoliteracy, a recently coined word that describes the need to teach young students about the natural environment. Of course all of our interns are enthusiastic about teaching children about our natural world.

Our interns help with all aspects of the children’s programs:

  • Leading group explorations of the Gardens
  • Planting and maintaining the Community Youth Garden
  • Researching and developing new programs for our group activities, garden club, summer camp and public events
  • Promoting programs and events –writing articles, updating social media, talking with visitors
  • Maintaining records for planning and reporting results.

Although this position is designed to support the Rutgers Gardens Children’s Program and its goals of community outreach and horticultural education, this position also provides each intern with educational experiences that enhance the student’s academic aspirations.

For information on the Children's Program Internship please contact Debbie Henry


children's programs children's programs
Frog Pond in the Display Garden
Helyar Woods

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