2014 Plant Breeding Internship Program

The Plant Breeding internship provides interested students a unique opportunity to learn about various facets of working with plants. The topics range from general horticultural and propagation practices to hybridization techniques and basic plant genetics. Combined with our Public Garden Management course and visits to other plant breeding programs, students gain both educational and practical experience through hands-on projects. Ultimately, students learn how to set objectives and understand the workings of a breeding project. While not every student who enters the Plant Breeding Program will go on to become a plant breeder by trade, it gives a very unique and well-rounded view of working in a plant-oriented setting, especially for students destined for jobs in horticulture and industry.

plant breeding interns
Planting Illicium in the breeding plots
Collecting Anthers

Each summer our tasks are a bit different. Besides mulching, weeding, and tending to our breeding stock, interns learn about the flower structure of different species, how to cross pollinate, and how to assess plant performance in various growing conditions. This year, we will continue our breeding work with Illicium (anise tree) and Hemerocallis (daylily) species, which will include a rooting study and planting hybrid seedlings. 2014 also marks the start of our evaluation trails of Hydrangea paniculata (panicled hydrangeas) and Schizachyrium (little bluestem), which will be rated for various characteristics. We will also be doing a study of grafted versus non-grafted tomatoes, to determine just what a difference the root stock plays on plant health, size, yield, and disease-resistance.

Internship Application (download the PDF file to your computer, fill ih the requested fields, save and email to Bruce Crawford

The internship will start Monday, May 19, 2014 and end Friday, August 22, 2014
Completed applications must be received (not post-marked) by April 11, 2014.
Selected applicants will be contacted for interviews to take place in March.                                   
Selected applicants must provide a copy for our records of a social security card and photo ID.

Please send applications to:
Rutgers Gardens
112 Ryders Lane
New Brunswick, NJ 08901-8519

Fax: 732.932.7060

For more information please contact Bruce Crawford at 732-932-8451 or email